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Upcoming Events

Hosting a golf outing is a great way to entertain business colleagues, friends, and clients with a day of fun, relaxation, and even some light competition. Moreover, golf outings offer great opportunities for charities to raise funds and awareness of their causes, building unity among guests.

Our team has created this guide to help you plan your next golf outing. We value your consideration in allowing us the opportunity to host your future events. In executing the ideal golf experience for you, organization is one of the key elements of success. Our staff works very hard to coordinate your golf outing ahead of time to assure an ultimate golf experience that will make your day relaxing and unforgettable.

Please feel free to communicate your exclusive requests and needs to us so that on the day of your event you can relax and enjoy the company of your guests while we provide the customized experience that will make your day. This guide will serve as an outline to design and execute a memorable golf experience like no other.

We eagerly anticipate your requests and look forward to creating a unique golfing experience for you and your group. Please do not hesitate to contact Christopher Russell at Call ChampionsGate Country Club for group outing info at (407) 507-2756 for your questions and concerns.


Golf Outing Planning

ChampionsGate Country Club accepts group reservations up to six months in advance for groups of 16 to 39 players and up to one year in advance for groups of 40-130 players. We encourage you to discuss re-booking your event with us for the following year on the day of your current event. ChampionsGate Country Club offers special re-booking privileges to repeat customers and we encourage you to do so.

The following checklist will assist you and ChampionsGate Country Club in planning a successful golf outing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

ChampionsGate Checklist for Golf Outing

Select Date, Format and Contests
__Confirm Date with a signed Contract and deposit to ChampionsGate Country Club
__Meet with Food and Beverage Managers and discuss menus
__Meet with Golf Professional about specialized gifts
__Mail invitations
__Three weeks prior to event an Invoice will be sent by ChampionsGate Country Club for final payment
__30 Days prior to event confirm final numbers and discuss proximities and registration needs
__ One week prior finalize event and send pairings to ChampionsGate Country Club

ChampionsGate Country Club Dress Code Policy

In staying with the true spirit of the game, proper attire is required including collared shirts and NO denim attire please. ChampionsGate Country Club strictly enforces these policies. Please notify the participants in your group of these policies. Any participant that does not comply with the dress code policy will need to change into the proper attire or will not be able to participate in the day's play. ChampionsGate Country Club has a variety of slacks, shorts, and outerwear for sale in our golf shop should participants need to purchase proper attire on the day of play.

Non Metal Spike Policy

ChampionsGate Country Club is also a non-metal spike facility. Please notify your guests of this policy prior to their arrival at the golf course. Any participant that has not converted their shoes to some form of non-metal footwear will have the following options: purchasing new shoes from the ChampionsGate Golf Shop, or wearing tennis shoes as an alternative.

Thank you for your attention to our dress code and non-metal spike policies.

Pace of Play

ChampionsGate Country Club's goal is to have our 18-hole rounds completed in four hours and twenty minutes or less. At times, golf outings tend to spend a little more time on the golf course, regardless of size, or golf experiences. In order to create an enjoyable experience for everyone on the golf course, we ask each group to keep pace with the pace of play sheet that will be provided to you at the start of your round. ChampionsGate Country Club schedules daily course hosts to assist players in keeping pace to assure every player experiences an enjoyable round.

There are some strategies that can be used to help your group finish their rounds quicker. We suggest for larger groups that Scramble Format be sued. This format is not only fun, but is also very well suited to tournaments with a mix of less experienced golfers, yet is also enjoyable for more seasoned players. A Best Ball Format is also more time efficient, provided that players are required to pick up their ball once their score on that hole is obvious it won't be counted.

ChampionsGate Country Club is very knowledgeable in the organization of golf outings. We look forward to discussing the proper start times and formats to assure your group has an enjoyable experience during their special day.

Golf Course Maintenance

ChampionsGate Country Club prides itself in offering only the finest in golf course conditions. Our golf course is a living environment that is constantly changing throughout the year. Maintenance activities such as watering and mowing need to be done nearly every day. Most of this work can be accomplished prior to or following your outing. However, due to weather conditions of heat in the summer and cool nights in the winter, some of these activities may be taking place during playing hours. Our maintenance staff is trained to be conscious of our players and be as unobtrusive as possible.

Some activities such as aerification are essential for premium turf conditions. Aerification is typically done in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Course closure dates are scheduled for our major aerification dates and once the greens are aerified and top-dressed, they are very playable the following day. Optimum playing conditions are typically restored within three to five days.  Please call Christopher Russell at (407) 507-2756 to inquire about aerification and over seeding dates.

Glossary of Popular Terms and Formats

Starting Times

Tee Times Start: One foursome tees off every nine minutes.

Double Tee Start: One foursome tees off Hole 1 and Hole 10 every nine (9) minutes. This is typically done for two hours to allow the groups to turn to their respective back nines.

Shotgun Start: All foursomes start play at the same time on a different hole, accommodates up to 130 players. 

Nine Hole Shotgun: All foursomes start play at the same time on a different hole, not using the entire golf course. (Usually holes 10 - 18)

Types of Outings

Scramble Format: This is the most popular golf outing format because it allows golfers with different skill sets to compete together. Each player in the foursomes will tee off, the best shot is then selected and all players will move their ball to this location and play their second shot from that position. This format is followed until the ball is holed. The team score is marked on the scorecard for each hole. Handicaps may or may not be used with this style of format.

Best Ball Format: Each player plays their own ball for the hole and the best score of the foursome is recorded. This can be modified to a two best ball where two scores are recorded and can be used with or without handicaps. This also is a popular format used among group outings.

Individual Stroke Play: This format is often used for competitive golf. Each player plays their own ball on each hole and records their individual scores. Handicaps may or may not be used in this format. This format is usually used with smaller groups that wish to play a more competitive style of golf. Using this format for larger outings can sometimes make for a longer round of golf and can be frustrating to your inexperienced golfers.

Modified Scramble: This is a good format to use that allows golfers who want to play their own ball, yet will help with your pace of play. It is similar to a regular scramble, but with this format each player will hit a tee shot, then select the best one and play the hole out from that position individually. The best of the four scores is kept or you can modify that to two best scores. This will allow your groups to play as a team, but allow them to play their own ball as well.


Closest to the Pin: This is a popular contest to have for any size group. ChampionsGate Country Club will provide proximity sign marker for your event. This is usually held on a par three hole on the course and the participants will mark their name on the sign when they hit their shot closest to the hole. The final player to come through that hole and have the closest shot to the pin will be the winner.

Longest Drive: This is also a popular contest to have with group play. It works similar to the closest to the pin contest but the player with the longest tee shot in the fairway will mark their name on the proximity marker. Again, the last player to play the designated hole with the longest drive will be the winner.

Straightest Drive: In this contest, a line is drawn down the center of the fairway with chalk. The winner is designated by the player who hits his or her tee shot closest to the line. Distance is not the objective here, accuracy is!

Beat The Pro: For this contest the object is obviously to Beat the Pro! ChampionsGate Country Club will provide one of our PGA Professionals.

Create Your Own: It is our pleasure to assist you in creating any special contests you may want to have for your event.


Policies and Procedures

Our goal is to make your outing a success. We anticipate your day being full of fun and enjoyment. The following set of policies and procedures have been created to prevent misunderstandings, clarify safety issues, and maximize the satisfaction of all guests playing at ChampionsGate Country Club.

Reservation Procedures

Reservations for groups of 16 to 39 players may be made up to six months in advance. Groups of 40 to 130 players may book reservations up to one year in advance. Once an agreement of reservations is verbally made, a group contract will be sent to you. Group contracts need to be signed and returned within 15 days of receiving the contract. All groups are required to guarantee their outing with a minimum of a 10% deposit. Deposits may be made by check or credit card. All deposits will become non-refundable 60 days prior to your event.

ChampionsGate Country Club offers the option of adding additional players to any shotgun reservation under 130 players. Groups may reserve the golf course exclusively for their event with a guaranteed payment for a 130 players.

Final Player Count

ChampionsGate Country Club requires all groups of 16 players or more to provide a guaranteed final player count 30 days in advance. Any group reductions made less than 30 days in advance will be subject to full payment at the sole discretion of ChampionsGate Country Club.

Our intent is to keep communications open between ChampionsGate Country Club and your group coordinator in regards to the number of players. We would like to accommodate any changes you may have for your event. However, with already committed scheduling of other play around your event, sometimes additions may or may not be available. Our professional staff will keep you informed of these policies. It is the group contacts' responsibility to notify each of your participants of this policy.


Golf Group Outings

All group outings include:

  • Green Fees and Cart Fees
  • Tournament Coordination
  • Unlimited Practice Range Balls Prior to the start of the Event
  • Custom cart signs and scorecards, welcome/rules letter, Scoreboard and scoring
  • Bag Handling and Storage

Optional additions:

  • Taylormade rental clubs are available in men's and ladies right and left handed.
    • Please notify us in advance of the number of rentals you may need.
  • Golf Clinics are available with a PGA instructor.
    • Please notify us in advance so we may arrange for our PGA Professional to be available the day of your event.

Food and Beverage Options

We have a wide variety of food and beverage options available for your group outings. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Please speak with our tournament specialists for pricing and customization for a food and beverage function based on your needs. Please see our menu's included in the package for easy options.

Beverage Cart Service

Groups may choose the beverage cart service that best fits their needs.

  • Cash: Guests pay for what they would like on an individual basis.
  • Tab: Guests may enjoy what they choose throughout the day and the group contact will be responsible for payment at the conclusion of the event.
  • Prepay: Groups may purchase a set amount of options before the event starts to be provided by our beverage cart staff through the duration of the event.