Code of Conduct, Club Member

The Country Club at ChampionsGate Community Association Board of Directors approved the following code of conduct for its members. The Code of Conduct differs from rules in that it addresses acceptable/unacceptable behavior.

The intention of this document is to establish clear and acceptable behavior expectations for Championsgate Club members and guests. It is not intended to restrict the rights of anyone but rather to ensure that all members, guest and staff can expect to be treated with respect while enjoying club facilities. The club deems that upon payment of membership fees, all members have given their consent to be bound by both the restrictions and penalties imposed by this code of conduct. Said members are responsible for the actions of guests who violate this code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

All members will:

Conduct themselves in a respectful manner and will not knowingly cheat or abuse any part of the facility or other residents using the facility.

Respect the rights of other members and club staff (Ex: Will not verbally or physically threaten, intimidate or slander others, either personally or through social media)

Not engage in any form of sexual, racial or religious discrimination or harassment Respect the club facilities

Adhere to club rules

Not conduct themselves in any rude or immoral manner, including the use of profane language, gestures, insults or other such misbehavior.

Abide by all state and local laws and regulations, including the possession of any illegal drugs on the property of the Club

Resolution of violations to the ChampionsGate Country Club Code of Conduct

The Country Club at ChampionsGate Community Association Board of Directors may issue a letter of reprimand to any club member who violates the club rules or code of conduct.

Issuing a letter of reprimand makes the club member ineligible to participate on any community committees or subcommittees. Any resident who is a member of a committee or subcommittee must remove themselves from associated activities until the reason for the reprimand has been corrected or mitigated.

ChampionsGate Country Club Dress Code Policy

In staying with the true spirit of the game, proper attire is required including collared shirts and NO denim attire please. ChampionsGate Country Club strictly enforces these policies. Please notify the participants in your group of these policies. Any participant that does not comply with the dress code policy will need to change into the proper attire or will not be able to participate in the day’s play. ChampionsGate Country Club has a variety of slacks, shorts, and outerwear for sale in our golf shop should participants need to purchase proper attire on the day of play.

Non Metal Spike Policy

ChampionsGate Country Club is also a non-metal spike facility. Please notify your guests of this policy prior to their arrival at the golf course. Any participant that has not converted their shoes to some form of non-metal footwear will have the following options: purchasing new shoes from the ChampionsGate Golf Shop, or wearing tennis shoes as an alternative.

Thank you for your attention to our dress code and non-metal spike policies.